It’s time to start cutting back!

We’ve put together another great set for fall: the Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Anvil Lopper (W213) with the Bosmere Pruning Drop Cloth (G310). Combine these two great items together for just $65.00 and save 20% off our regular retail price.

Main Picture

Use the Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Anvil Lopper, with its 26 inch long handles, to cut branches up to 1 ¾ inches in diameter.

picture 1 picture 2

These Spear & Jackson Anvil Loppers are super lightweight and have blue non-slip grips on the handles. The blade cuts against the PTFE (full scientific name if you want to impress the neighbors…Polytetrafluoroethylene…brand name “Teflon”) coated serrated anvil, which puts the “anvil” in these Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Anvil Loppers.

picture 7

If you are not up on your lopper lingo, the anvil is the top metal curvy part and the blade is black cutting thingy that moves up and down in the pictures below. This tool performs with less twisting and more power, which means less effort for you! These are literally the easiest loppers I’ve ever used.

picture 6picture 4

Wrap the Bosmere Pruning Drop Cloth around the base of what you’re prunning and start cutting.

picture 3

It’s made of non-tear woven coated Polyethylene (still using those big words!) with Polypropylene webbing handles on all four corners. The picture makes the drop cloth look light and flimsy, but I can reassure you it is tougher than it looks.

picture 8 DSC_0624

To be honest, I got so excited about these Spear & Jackson anvil loppers that I starting looking for things around the yard I could cut back. I talked about them non-stop all week at the office and got a few strange looks. My husband joked around he was going to hide these from me!  This was the “damage” I did while the rest of the family went on a bike ride over the weekend…it was so satisfying.

picture 10

For more information or purchase; click here


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