Leaf Collecting

Leaf Collecting

We’ve put together a great set just in time for fall: the Bosmere Leaf Grabs (N455) with the Bosmere Leaf Collector Bag (G163).

 main picture

Combine these two great items together for just $25.00 and save 20% off our regular retail price.

 picture 1

Set out the Bosmere Leaf Collector Bag, also called a Hod (I had to look up what a “Hod” was and if I ever sit next a brick layer on a long flight, I will now have something to talk about with them).

picture 1a

Slip your hands into side handles of the Bosmere Leaf Grabs, making them bigger for collection, and start picking up those leaves! They are also great for picking up grass cuttings and other garden debris you have.

picture 2 picture 3

I got about 12 big grabs of leaves in the bag before it got full. I’m guessing if you pressed down on the leaves you could get a few more “grabs” in.

picture 4

My better half just picked up the Bosmere Leaf Collector Bag by the handles and carried it to the natural area in the back yard.

picture 7

I’m guessing at this point I should talk about the flip flops and shorts. We are in the south and Fall is just starting here.  But I swear, this man wears flip flops in the snow.

picture 8

There is another handle at the back of the Leaf Collector bag you can use to get more leverage to dump out your garden debris.

For more information or purchase: click here


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